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From the bottom of the valley at 7500ft, watered pastures stretch west.In the foothills, open dry land areas mixed with Oak Trees changes with the elevation.

Fences are fair to good on the property with an easy flow and great views from the water storage tank.

The Oak Forest blends into Pine and then Alpine Fir to the top of the land at over 10,000ft.

The property currently receives 3 Landowner Elk Permits.

In 2013, Michael O'Brien, also a priest in Questa, was accused by ten men in different lawsuits of molesting them when they were boys years prior.

O'Brien was deceased by the time the lawsuits were filed.

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    In modern parlance, the English were brought in by the Kandyans to establish "human Rights"! King Panduwas Dev (Pandukabhaya, 4 century BCE) had divided the country into three provinces, viz., Phiti rata or Raja rata, north of the Mahaweli Ganga and Daduru Oya, Rohana or Ruhuna being south of the Mahaweli and extending up to Kalu ganga, while Maya rata extended from the Kalu Ganga to Deduru oya.