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The impact of health insurance status on adolescents' utilization of school-based clinic services: implications for health care reform. Measuring quality of adolescent preventive services of health plan enrollees and school-based health center users. Characteristics of users and nonusers of health clinics in inner-city junior high schools. School-based health centers: improving access and quality of care for low-income adolescents. Feasibility and preliminary outcomes of a school-based intervention for inner-city, ethnic minority adolescents with undiagnosed asthma. Bruzzese JM, Sheares BJ, Vincent EJ, Du Y, Sadeghi H, Levison MJ, Mellins RB, Evans D. Availability of services for emergency contraceptive pills at high school-based health centers. Decreasing barriers for teens: Evaluation of a new teenage pregnancy prevention strategy in school-based clinics. Link: Article Abstract Objective: To describe school-based health centers and highlight their effectiveness in improving health and academic outcomes. Klein JD, Handwerker L, Sesselberg TS, Sutter E, Flanagan E, Gawronski B. Walter HJ, Vaughan RD, Armstrong B, Krakoff RY, Tiezzi L, Mc Carthy JF. Allison MA, Crane LA, Beaty BL, Davidson AJ, Melinkovich P, Kempe A. Bruzzese JM, Kingston S, Sheares BJ, Cespedes A, Sadeghi H, Evans D. That, paired with increased available resources for quality evaluation and improvement, represents an opportunity to expand and sustain school-based health center programming. Satisfaction with a school-based teen health center: a report card on care. Systematic review and narrative synthesis of the effectiveness of contraceptive service interventions for young people, delivered in educational settings. Knowledge and Likelihood to Recommend Intrauterine Devices for Adolescents Among School-based Health Center Providers. Finding: SBHCs provide a place-based form of health care and create unique opportunities to integrate care with primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention.åÊFrom the Healthy Hearts program, 60% of the students who participated for theåÊentire 2004 to 2005 school year lowered theiråÊBMI score, with a mean reduction of 0.9 points.åÊThe Oakland Kicks Asthma programåÊfound that participating students had fewer activity limitations and emergency room visits than they did before the programåÊbegan. Benkert R, George N, Tanner C, Barkauskas VH, Pohl JM, Marszalek A. Blank L, Baxter SK, Payne N, Guillaume LR, Pilgrim H. Acceptability of School-Based Health Centers for Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Visits: A Mixed-Methods Study. Link: Article Abstract Objective: This statement describes fouråÊinnovative Californian school-based health center (SBHC) programs focusing on obesity prevention, asthma, mental health, and oral health that represent new models of health care for children and adolescents. The impact of school-based health centers on the health outcomes of middle school and high school students. Also, to review the relationship between childhood trauma, mental health disorders, and poor academic performance.

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Coyne-Beasley T, Ford CA, Waller MW, Adimora AA, Resnick MD. Mason-Jones AJ, Crisp C, Momberg M, Koech J, De Koker P, Mathews C. Link: Article Abstract Objective: To create a research-based framework of SBHC sustainability using a mixed-methods case study of three San Diego SBHCs.

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Sangraula M, Garbers S, Garth J, Shakibnia EB, Timmons S, Gold MA. Ramos MM, Sebastian RA, Stumbo SP, Mc Grath J, Fairbrother G. Sussman AL, Montoya C, Werder O, Davis S, Wallerstein N, Kong AS. School-based health centers and academic performance: research, challenges, and recommendations. Finding: The presence of a local non-school-based family planning clinic was the strongest correlate of SBHC presence.

Data on sociocontextual variables were analyzed to investigate factors that inhibit and facilitate school based health centers.

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