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As the difficulty level increases, the opportunities of being able to retry are lower.

Note that Retry Chip supply remain unlimited while playing the Intermission Stages, regardless of the difficulty.

It was released on Play Station Network in Japan as part of the PS2 classics on December 16, 2015.

In 21XX, humanity has grown weary of Reploids becoming Maverick and their endless rebellions.

However, Vile captured the Reploid in charge of the Jakob Project, Lumine, and several Maverick attacks break out around the world.

The Maverick Hunters have to fight against the Mavericks while trying to locate Lumine.

X, however, was changed from X7 to be more like his original incarnations in terms of firing.

He can only fire straight ahead now, possibly to make his gameplay different from Axl (who can fire in all directions).

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Both X and Axl specialize in mid-long range fighting while Zero is the same with close range.

In addition Axl's A-Trans ability no longer applies to smaller Reploids, and its transformations can now be controlled rather then serving as a temporary power-up when the Reploid DNA is collected.

Zero can also obtain new weapons from certain Rare Metals that make gameplay with him vastly different.

If playing on Easy difficulty, the characters start out at maximum health, negating the need to purchase life-ups.

1-Ups are represented by Retry Chips which allows the player to start again at the last checkpoint they passed through.

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